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we share food.

We care about a community that participates in a resource economy of sharing, preventing needless foodwaste, while passing positive benefits to each individual, strengthening the community, and expanding to the environment. This is Food Bounty.

Food Bounty Inner West is a community of environment and food lovers. They care about preventing needless food waste. They do this by helping, educating and connecting the local community. The group encourages sharing food, preserving food, and taking more longterm ideas to prevent community food insecurity. This means that they support local community gardens, composting and worm farming.

Simply put, Food Bounty are conscious eating, sustainable living, resource economy community building waste warriors.

Did you know, 50% of waste in the "red bins" are organic/food material, which is better used for composting to create nutrient rich, fertile soil for healthier, fruitful gardening. Food Bounty support neighbourhood farms and gardens to create a better connection with our environment, and more sustainable, community-based food growth.

So how does Appetite fit in?

We want to make a difference by feeding people, not landfill. We're working alongside Food Bounty to aid and assist in preventing food (or any) waste, reducing carbon footprint, sharing cooking and recipe tips, permaculture, composting, sharing scraps, worm farming, preserving/pickling food, rescuing food and reducing systemic waste.


Sometimes, we have surplus edible food. We might accidentally over order, a change in the weather might spike the demand for one menu item but not for another or our specials have come to an end and we won't be using those ingredients the following week. With the help of Food Bounty, we feed those in need and are avoiding the alternative of good food going to waste (landfill).

We can't be the only ones though. With so many eateries in Five Dock alone, the community is spoilt for choice. Our vision is to band together with other local cafes, restaurants and markets to reassure them that it's OK to donate food.

Are you local cafe or restaurant owner? The Good Samaritan Act / Food Donation Act has got you covered. See our "How-To" document to encourage you to get onboard. Download the "Food Donation Tool Kit" document below to learn more.


Food Bounty is a free group to join on Facebook. Have you got something to give? Post it to the group today. Are you in need of something? The group is here to support you. Click here to join today! 

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