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Well, if there's a reason to celebrate Christmas it's because of one of two reasons. One, because it's Christmas and it's one of the most beautiful time of the year. Or two, because it symbolises the end of a crazy year that we call 2023... let's go with the first reason!

We reflect on the cafe's work around new obstacles and challenges, networks, services and other cafe initiatives. For instance, we have Quiet Hour, Appetite Event Solutions and a strict sustainability program​ which won us the City of Canada Bay Sustainable Business of the Year award. We aligned ourselves with other local businesses that share similar values and missions (A Team Fitness & Food Bounty) and introduced a new partnership with MWLP and The Youth Partnership to help young people successfully transition from school to work or further education.

As the end of the year is upon us, we take this time to reflect on the positives and be grateful for all the good that did happen. We're grateful for the ongoing support from our customers whom we see and proudly serve every day. We're grateful for our community who made the conscience effort to shop small. We're grateful for our families who stood by us and put up with each and every stressful and sleepless night after the doors closed. Most importantly, we're grateful for you. You made us smile when we thought there was nothing to smile about. You fought our battles when they weren't yours to face and you made sure that we had a reason to open each day to ensure that our dream stayed alive.


For this, we can't say thank you enough.

We are staying open throughout the Christmas / New Year period to ensure your Appetite is fulfilled. We're packing this month with as many festive activities as we can!

What's On

Christmas Colouring Competition 01/11/2023 - 18/12/2023

Pick up an entry form at the front counter or download a design below. Open to all ages! The winners will be drawn on the 18th of December, 2023. This years Christmas colouring competition is sponsored by Mathnasium Five Dock!

Competition age groups:

0 - 3 years

4 - 7 years*

8 - 17 years*

Opens (18+)**




**With such an overwhelming response last year from over 18's, it was clear that this year the opens category must have their own prize. *Drum roll please* Perfect for the Christmas, the winner of this category will score themselves a hamper full of our Cocktails To Go range!


Elf on the Shelf 01/12/2023 - 24/12/2023

Visit us every day to see what mischief ​our Elf on the Shelf gets up to. From toilet paper fights to building snowmen, we are sure that our Elf on the Shelf will keep both you and I entertained for a while...

Letters to Santa 01/11/2023 - 18/12/2023

Australia Post will be slammed this year. We have our own connections to Santa's little helpers to ensure your kids letter gets to Santa. Help your children send a wish list to the North Pole and they'll get a reply from Mr. Claus himself.


Pop your letter in the mail box at the front of shop as soon as you can so Santa has time to reply before Christmas Eve! Final letters to be sent no later than 18/12/2022.

To ensure Santa can reply, write your name and address on the back. Please note that Santa will only reply to Australian addresses.

Large text replies available for children who have low vision:

Parents and children who have low vision can opt-in to receive a large text reply from Santa by sending their letters to:

Santa Mail (large text)

Reindeer Food Limited stock - available until sold out!

Santa always gets cookies, but what about his trusty reindeers? While a carrot on the plate might have been enough for generations before, we offer a more modern way to feed their Appetites.

"Reindeer Food" is an oat-based recipe that gets sprinkled on the lawn on Christmas Eve and comes with a magical poem to get kids extra excited for the arrival of Rudolph and co.

Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright. As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home.

NOTE: If Christmas Eve is damp, sprinkle your reindeer food on the grass. Do not sprinkle on pathways or paved areas as the moisture could turn the glittery oat mix into porridge!

Small Reindeer Food: $4.00 each

Large Reindeer Food: $5.50 each

Christmas Cocktails To Go Taking pre-orders now!

Cocktails at Appetite are fresh and flavour-forward with a focus on seasonality. Whether you’re after something light and zesty – or strong and boozy, we’ve got you covered. 


We make all cocktails to order and avoid using any pre-mixers and cordials. Oh, and we’re pretty handy with classics too!

Want to know something even cooler? To make Christmas day a little bit easier and of course, delicious, Appetite Five Dock has a selection of cocktails available for takeaway - available in 350ml. All you have to do is shake it up, pour it into a glass with ice and pair it with your favourite Christmas meal!

Having a party? Our 1L cocktail options is exactly what you need.






24th December / 7am - 2pm

25th & 26th December / CLOSED
27th - 30th December / 6:30am - 2:30pm

31st December / 7am - 2pm

01st January / 8am - 2pm

02nd January / 7am - 3pm

03rd - 11th January / CLOSED

12th January / Resume regular trading

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