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Plastic vs. Tupperware:

Which is Better?

We're about 80% of the way to our goal of being single use plastic free by 2025. We're Five Dock's most colourful cafe so when we saw these Tupperware containers, naturally we had to have them!


Our kitchen has now eliminated all plastic takeaway containers. We were using single use plastic containers for food prep and service. Ashamedly, any time we prepped food, we would always reach for a plastic takeaway container. They're small, convenient and easy to replace once they're thrashed but how many were we going through? How many would end up in the bin? What happens once they end up in the bin? The thought is so scary.

We spent a long time looking for the right replacement. We went to several leading hospitality suppliers but found nothing that was suitable. We spoke to sales rep after sales rep about what we could do but it was clear they needed to make commission and actually didn't know what our goal or mission was. Until this one night, when ad tracking actually worked!

During a Google search, there was an ad that came up for Décor Match-ups food storage containers. In short, they are containers that has a smart lid colour match system where lids and bases match in colour, any lid matches any same coloured base  – its so simple and smart! But just because they're pretty and colourful, will it work? 

With a little more research, we found out that Décor Match-up containers also feature scratch resistant lids and handy graduations. The containers nest inside each other when empty saving space and available in 10 useful sizes. Not to mention they're also dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, Australian made and BPA free.

We didn't have to look any further. Instantly, the containers were added to cart and 48 hours later, all our single use plastic takeaway containers were swapped for Décor Match-up containers.


Just like that, Décor has made our everyday lives easier and more enjoyable with containers that are beautiful, functional, affordable and most importantly, helps us on our sustainability mission. 

Note: Opinions and views expressed are solely our own and Décor has no affiliation with Appetite Five Dock. This is not a paid endorsement.

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