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Appetite Quiet Hour Low Sensory Dining


Quiet Hour provides a low-sensory dining experience by making changes in the shop, such as reducing noise and distractions. These changes are designed to help make a difference to customers who find it challenging to dine in a heightened-sensory environment.

We hope that this hour will allow others to connect and network as well as help support customers who are, or have family members, on the autism spectrum.

During Quiet Hour, customers will notice the following changes at Appetite:

  • Reduced lighting

  • Appetite Radio will be turned down to a minimum

  • Uber and app volumes will be reduced to the lowest level

  • Lessened activity (polishing, stocked, cleaning etc.)

  • No announcements yelled across the dining the room (except in the case of emergency)

  • Minimal crew on during this time to allow for a more resting experience.

The Appetite team is enthusiastic about this initiative and love offering Quiet Hour to customers who might benefit from this experience. Quiet Hour is just another way we are fulfilling our mission by offering a fun and inclusive environment where everyone is part of the family.

We kindly ask that during this hour, guests conversations and/or phone calls are kept at a respectable level.

Quiet Hour will happen every Tuesday from 10am until 11am.

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