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Goodbye paper, hello digital

Appetite Five Dock Digital Coffee Loyalty Card.png

You will never have to worry about forgetting, losing, or destroying a paper loyalty card ever again!

We have a faster, easier and more convenient way to collect stamps. In less than a second, you can collect points and redeem rewards. Just scan the QR code at the front counter after you pay! We guarantee because it’s so easy to use, it’s easy to love.


What’s better is that it’s environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint and there’s no app download or hardware which means there’s no worries! All you have to do is scan the QR code. This will open your digital loyalty card in the your mobile browser.

Why should we be offering a digital loyalty card?

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Technology evolves daily, programs are constantly upgraded, and people are aware of the need for phones and, implicitly, of applications that ease their daily chores.

Like most, virtual cards are the new norm. With the ease of having your entire wallet and the touch of your fingers, this new offering is intended for all the people who want to keep their loyalty cards in their phone. Digital loyalty cards are designed for quick and easy use and brings a lot of benefits to the user.

So, what are the advantages of keeping loyalty cards in your phone?

  1. Of course, you get rid of the heavy wallet! Ladies, how many times did you have to choose a big bag instead of a smaller bag just because you need to put your wallet in it? Gentlemen, isn’t it true that sometimes the pocket of the jeans or of the jacket gets too tight because of the bulky wallet? One reason that causes this weight is the large number of loyalty cards held in your wallet. Whether you are talking about cards you use at pharmacies or cards used in supermarkets, they gather in your wallet and create a feeling of discomfort. When you transfer cards from your wallet to your phone, your wallet will lose weight and you will find plenty of benefits and advantages there. 

  2. You have easy access to your loyalty cards. The moments when you were searching for the right card will become simple memories. For example, it is very easy to find a card on your smart phone. Select the card you need and give it a scan. Nothing easier!

  3. You encourage environmental protection. Loyalty cards are made up of paper and cardboard. The positive effects of pollution reduction are incontestable and people are constantly trying to contribute to this difficult but not impossible process. Going digital encourages environmental protection, the saving of paper and cardboard, and reducing of plastic usage. 

  4. Your time at the register is reduced. Sometimes, nothing is more unpleasant than being at the cash register, knowing that there are other people behind you, and you have to scroll through your wallet to find your loyalty card. This search may take several minutes, causing you to waste your time and, implicitly, to make others waste their time. If you keep your loyalty cards in the phone, all of this won’t happen again. You access the card directly from your phone and save valuable time. 

Take part to technology development and look positively to the future.


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