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We're the official home of all things Irish in Sydney's Inner West, situated in the heart of Great North Road, Five Dock.


We've joined forces with The Irish Butcher, Taste Ireland and Bowan Island Bakery to bring you the ultimate Irish feast. Using only the truest of ingredients and products, our Irish menu is traditional, tasty and will totally remind you of home. 


With our Irish menu available seven days a week, you can satisfy your Appetite whenever you wish. What's better is that it's available online too so there's no need to leave your house. Order online or through UberEats and leave the rest up to us.

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What's the Irish connection you ask? Well, there isn't one really.

We are not Irish, we have no Irish blood. But what we do have is Five Dock. A beautiful, small, cosy suburb with a big Irish crowd.


It started one very very early sunny Sunday when a regular customer dropped in for a couple of takeaway coffees. Whilst waiting for their coffees, we asked, "so why are you up so bright and early? It's Sunday." to which they begrudgingly responded "Because the Mrs. wants an Irish Breakfast so we have to go to Maroubra."

We laughed it off because they couldn't be serious. But they were very serious. The Mrs. was honking the horn to get back into the car so they could hurry up and get on the road for their 8am booking. As we handed off the coffee, they said "Bring an Irish Breakfast here and we'll never going anywhere else."

Surely Maroubra wasn't the closest place to grab an Irish feast? We researched and googled, researched and googled and researched some more but they were right! The Eastern suburbs was the place to go for an Irish meal.

Later that night, we put the feelers out there to see what we could do. A week later, we offered our very first Irish Breakfast sitting and it was a smashing success! What started off as a "Weekend Only" promotion soon became part of the Appetite brand to keep up with demand and everything else grew from there.

You're probably wondering what ever happened to those customers who made that off-the-cuff remark. They stayed true to their word and come...




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