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Appetite Cafe Five Dock provides a convenient and safe work place for schools, TAFE's and colleges in addressing a significant (and mandatory) HSC learning need for students studying hospitality in the areas of Food and Beverage, Commercial Cookery and Event Management.

By being involved in Work Placement, young people gain a better understanding of the world of work and are given a chance to develop their technical and general employability skills in the workforce.

We have teamed up with MWLP - Linking Youth as well as The Youth Partnership to be able to provide this service.

Work Placement is the compulsory component of the Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses, Board Endorsed Courses (BEC) and TAFE Launchpad courses that requires students to participate in an actual work environment related to their course. In this case, hospitality. They are expected to participate in work related activities that reflect the duties of the hospitality industry.

We also accept independent students who need to organise their own work placement or work experience and who are not affiliated with MWLP or The Youth Partnership. 


To spend a week with us or for more information, contact us today!

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