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Being a community focused cafe and provider Appetite Five Dock is often inundated with charity and sponsorship requests. Appetite Five Dock respectfully gives back to the community in supporting numerous charities, schools and groups and has done so since the start. Appetite Five Dock has to be selective in taking on any new sponsorship or charitable requests due to the high level of applications received on a weekly basis. As such we kindly ask you to submit all enquiries for charitable discounts or sponsorship through the website.  To make this submission as easy as possible for you, we ask that you provide the following below in order to be considered for sponsorship or discounts. Appetite Five Dock will then consider your application and get back to you in a timely manner to notify you whether your request was successful:

  1. Please provide evidence that you are a registered charity.

  2. Please provide full contact information such as the following; Charity, contact person, contact number, contact email.

  3. Please provide information regarding your event such as the following; date, venue, how many people, style of event.

  4. Please familiarise yourself with our website/menu/services and identify which elements you are interested in for your event.

  5. Please provide event timings such as the following; set up time, event start time, bump out.

  6. Please provide information as to how Appetite Five Dock will be promoted as a sponsor of your event.

  7. Please provide any other additional information you think will help your application.

Thanks for submitting!

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