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We are always looking at ways to reduce our waste and be more sustainable. We connect with other local people (such as community gardens, compost collectors, schools, pretty much anyone) who may be able to utilise our green waste and get it out of landfill.


Composting can help put food scraps to use and reduce methane emissions in landfills. Fruits, vegetables, coffee and tea all are good materials for compost. Our compost collection includes:

- All fruit and vegetable wastes (including rinds and cores)

- Old bread

- Grains (cooked and/or uncooked): Rice, barley - you name it!

- Coffee grounds & tea leaves from teabags

- Fruit and vegetable pulp from juicing

- Egg shells

Are you interested in collecting green waste? Get in touch today!


IMPORTANT: Please note that you will be unable to pick and choose what sort of organic waste you would like. As we are a commercial kitchen and under time restraints, all organic waste gets thrown into one bag at the time of preparation and mixed all together. 


We are unable to keep every bag from each day. Please contact us in advance so we can put them aside for you. Without giving us a heads up, we will have to dispose of the compost as the cleanliness and hygiene of our business is our number one priority.

To avoid disappointment, please phone ahead as we can’t guarantee that compost will be available should you arrive unexpectedly. During our peak times, we are unable to cease service to attend to compost collectors. Collection for compost should be after rush times, ideally after 3pm or by appointment.

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