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Appetite & Five Dock Public School

Fresh, healthy, convenient.

We're here to help you reclaim your mornings!


Every parent and carer understands all too well the struggle of having to wake up early each morning to prepare healthy and nutritious lunches for their children. I mean, we barely have time to brush our hair let alone organise cute little Disney inspired bento box lunches for the kids or maybe the dilemma of foraging for food in the mornings only to realise you should have done that grocery shop the day before and now you have nothing to feed the children. Whilst we don't have kids of our own, we hear and see of this often... and we would be lying if we said none of the above has ever happened to us back in the day when we were at school.

Our main purpose is to overhaul the outdated and often unhealthy approach to school canteens. By reinventing a healthier menu, and transitioning to online ordering, we aim to improve the quality of the food for your child and the convenience for you.

Click here to register and order online!

Why choose Appetite?

  • Healthiest food for each child + some of the regular fan favourites

  • Made-to-order each day from the freshest ingredients

  • No added preservatives, colours or flavours

  • Convenient process for parents

  • Kids aren’t carrying cash

  • No delivery fee or subscription


How does it work?

To get the ball rolling, start by downloading the "Flexischools" app which is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, sign up using the ‘Register’ option.

From this, type in your email and submit to create an account. Go to your inbox and click the link to verify email (remember to also check your junk folder). Follow the registration process, creating a password and adding your personal details. Add your child under "Profile" and start ordering online!

Once your account is set up and ready to go, to order, click ‘Order food’ at the top of the app home screen. Select which child you would like to place an order for (if you are ordering for more than one). Choose which service you would like to order (e.g. recess, lunch, PSSA) and confirm the date you would like it delivered for. After this, select any items you want to order and when you have finished adding items, click ‘confirm order’. Complete payment to place your order.

Here is a quick video to help you!


  • If you have more than one child, each child must have their own profile.

  • Orders can be made up to 10 days in advance & each order must be paid in full. 

  • We do not, at this time, deliver after-school packs.

  • You can place orders fortnightly, weekly or even daily. Your order can include any combination of children, classes and days.

Where is the food made?

Your child's food uses the same kitchen as Appetite Cafe, based in the heart of Five Dock, to produce outstanding meals. On our regular checks with the council, we have achieved the highest level of food safety practice and hygiene.

Cut Offs

Orders can be placed on the app at any time, and should be submitted no later than 9am on the morning of the day you wish the recess and/or lunch to be delivered (Monday to Friday). This means that by the cut-off, the order and payment has to be completely finalised. If your order goes through any second after 9am it will otherwise go in for the following day.

If you miss the cut off, or are concerned that your payment might not have gone through quite on time, then give us a call (no emails!), on 8590 6634, so we can make sure that your child gets their lunch.


If necessary a particular day’s order may be cancelled by calling us on 8590 6634, before 9am on the day of delivery. Cancellations must occur before 9am. If we cancel an order (or part of an order) before the 9am cut-off we will provide a refund for the cancelled items. 

Any cancellations after 9am on the day it is to be delivered will be non-refundable. 

No emails or texts for cancellations!


We do our very best to deliver a perfect product, accurately, every single time. If for any reason we can not deliver on a particular menu item we will contact you in advance to discuss an alternate option. This may be a refund, swapped item or postponed order.


We do our utmost to ensure our online menu is current and accurately reflects the availability of seasonal products.


We operate a nut-free kitchen, in accordance with school regulations. We also provide a range of gluten-free options, but can not completely ensure they are 100% free of gluten as there items are also produced in our kitchen with glutenous ingredients. We do, however, keep a high level of separation and sanitisation when preparing these foods. Different knives, chopping boards and washed hands are maintained. 

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